On-going Creative Art Class
1 hour - $25

This includes the Drawing, Crafting, and Signature Scratch Pad classes ( Scratchpad class was the 1st and best scratch pad class in the U.S. created by our studio back in 2020). We will have a different theme every month and use clay, silky crayon, fingerpaint, sand, and other materials to create art. We will use our own brand "Flower Monaco" drawing tools and toys to create crafts. Our signature scratch pad class uses scratch pads to learn patterns, artists, and famous artwork, and it's a story-type class. Also, we will learn the history of art

Small Music Group Class
45 minutes - $30

This is the music group class for 4-10 years old know more about notes, rhythm, pitch, volume, and instruments. The class could be the pre-instrument lesson before kids start learning an instrument. Min 4 kids is required due to the interaction and connection, performance. Max is 6 kids

Kids Zumba class
4 classes $99 ( was $119)

We offer Kids Zumba classes to 4-10 years old. class begins on Aug 27th. Every Sunday afternoon 3:30-4:30pm we will have 30 minutes of Zumba class and 30 minutes of art/crafting class.

Semi-Private Music and Piano class
30 minutes - $60

This is the semi- music group class for siblings or BFF for learning basic piano notes, sounds, keyboard, and simple songs, two people piano songs, and as the basic level for private piano class. It's a fun and story-type piano class. $60 for two kids

Adult Piano Class
1 hour - $70

If you want to perform at any of the occasions or at the party, or wedding. pick a piano song that will be perfect for the show. Adult piano needs to use an easy-to-learn and quick-to-pick-up method.

Beginner Piano Class
45 minutes - $60

Kids better to enroll semi-private piano class or music group class before start the private piano class. This is the story-type piano class for beginner commit to practice at home with parents and we also offer 2 practice time each week in person with teacher to keep the momentum. ( class will be held once a week and includes 30 minutes twice a week semi-private practice class with teacher, we will use Calendly to make the practice appointment) . more detail please call studio for questions)

Music Studio, Piano room for rental
Duration varies · Price varies

If you are a music teacher or piano teacher or instrument teacher, you want to have your own class but can't afford expensive rent, here is the best option for you. We offer rental of our Piano Rooms for Individual Practice and Group Rehearsal Rooms, Music classroom with all the class need equipment in 1-hour increments, our main studio around 350 square feet, and the Piano room around 80 square feet. the main music room is around 240 square feet. we have a restroom, reading library corner, music group equipment, upright Kawai piano, • Group Rehearsal for Piano room only (2-4 people): $40 per hour • Solo Practice for Non-Students at Piano room only (1 person): $25 per hour • Private classroom for Piano teacher at piano room only ( 2 people): $35 per hour • Private Music Room for Music Group at main music class ( 5-7 kids): $45 per hour • Whole studio rental for music class and use for the piano room ( 6-10 kids): $60 per hour( TV is usable for class demonstration but needs mention when making an appointment) Time available after 6pm during the weekday and two days at the weekend. Please call or text to make an appointment

Flower Monaco drawing toys and tools
Duration varies · Price varies

We have our own Flower Monaco drawing tools and toys originating from the UK. We got the brand authorized to sell and distribute in the U.S. There are over 40+ products under this brand and we use most of them to create our own class. We also sell products inside the studio, welcome to stop by for trying them.

Birthdya party, event planning, branding services
3 hours - Ask for price

We served over 20+ companies and 30+ families to host online and offline children's events and parenting events for the last 2 years. We provide parties, branding, parenting workshop, children's event or holiday, and festival event. max for 20 kids inside the studio and 60+ families outside of the studio( parking lot).
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