Washable Crayons

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3 times more volume than normal crayons!

You can use any size of crayons to write, but they are a bit difficult to use.

The little hands are easy to grip and press and hold down on the surface of the crayon.

The crayon will be easy to clean up if you accidentally make a mess.

This crayon will be washable if you don’t mind drawing on the wall, of course, simply just use a paper towel with a water cover for 10 minutes and wipe it.

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You would be surprised by how excellent this product is: The raw materials are environmentally friendly, safe, non-toxic, and the pen holder is easy to hold.

When in doubt, go with this product. It’s a great smoothie that’s as clean as it is delicious.

We’ve selected these washable, beautiful designs, easy to use, and affordable for kids, because it’s long-time use crayons.



1 review for Washable Crayons

  1. Shirley

    The crayons is bigger and that makes it easier for my 2-year-old niece to grab. She loves this crayon set and I do too. It won’t fall off little pieces of color while you coloring, so it won’t make a mess. Most of all, it’s washable and non toxic.

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