Finger Painting All Inclusive Set

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Flower Monaco provides safe, non-toxic finger paints specially designed for toddlers and preschoolers.

This finger paint is a child-safe alternative to traditional non-toxic finger paints. It comes in a light and natural scent, without the pungent chemical smell often present in conventional finger paints.

Mothers are most concerned about product safety. This finger paint is fun to play with and can bring about a healthy atmosphere in the house.

The unique and non-permanent surface developed for the baby’s nature, whether the baby gets the floor, furniture, or sticks to the baby’s skin and clothes during the graffiti painting process, wipe it with a damp cloth or rinse it in the sink, the paint will disappear utterly.

No more worries about your kids leaving crumbs on the table, going milk or juice in the fridge, or even taking food out without asking. No more worry that they will chew through your furniture or destroy your clothes.

It is packaged in a tube with moderate viscosity and does not require dilution.

This is a perfect activity for parents of young children to share with them.

You can also paint together as a family. This is a package in the painting process like today’s color painting or works on the spot; you can open the lid by yourself in the working environment and use your fingers to scribble together.

A family that loves to have fun together.

Flower paints are fun to use and come in various colors. You can use them for creative fingerprinting, finger painting, art projects, etc.

Multiple creative methods, such as the “making-a-novel” game and “creating stories” game, can encourage children’s creativity.

Have fun with your kids.

Creative children are always delighted. They learn to be happy with little things.

Inspiration comes in many forms, and to have your hands free to draw, you can use your fingers to get things done.



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