No-sharpen, No-wood High-Quality Color Pencils Fancy set

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Safe and non-toxic color pigments are used to ensure the quality and pure color, helping every child to better release the talent of painting.

1. The color pigments of paint are the most important factor that affects the performance of the paint.

2. Paint color can be used as a marketing tool to create a unique and distinctive image for a product.

3. Color pigments can help you to achieve good gloss and transparency in paint.

4. Color pigments can give paints a good appearance and texture.

High-quality non-sharpen color pencils just simply take out the layers from the pencil bodies to make them more user-friendly.



1 review for No-sharpen, No-wood High-Quality Color Pencils Fancy set

  1. Shirley

    This color pencil is different then other color pencil on the market, because this color pencil doesn’t cover by wood. Basically, the whole color pencil is a color stick. It is not as easy to break like the usual color pencil. The texture is smoother which makes it easy to blend.

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