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Our Team Will Be Part of Your Life

If there is one thing for sure, the COVID-19 pandemic certainly left a cloud of broken social norms that we are just finally starting to learn how to re-navigate through. Between the losses of life, jobs, and educational structure for our children, this two-year shutdown has ultimately resulted in our newest generation of children relying on electronic devices more than ever before – my own included. 

As a mother of two littles and seeing how their world turned upside down, I truly wish that we could go back to a time of normalcy. Between the pains of everyone being isolated at home, facing deep into monitors just to communicate with others personally and professionally, it ultimately left a profound gray area where ‘me time’ and ‘work time’ blended. And you guessed it, this blurred line hindered the quality of life for both me and my children in more ways than just one. Zero along time for myself, my children always connected to the screens, and little time for meaningful stimulation. And I know I am not the only parent out there that desperately needed an outlet that steered little eyes away from the games and computer and feeling the innate fruits of unplugging.

Buchadian – Chinese for ‘unplugged’

Designing Buchadian Studio on a foundation of integrity and passion, here you can discover a vast array of support, courses, and tools that aim to give you and your children back the accentuating lives they desperately deserve through the art of unplugging. Created by a group of tired parents eager to instill positive reform (and a break), Buchadian Studio is a safe space that has been operating out of the San Francisco Bay Area since September 2020. Starting out as a babysitting Zoom support group that helped children learn and play even after logging off, Buchadian Studio featured an online class using Flower Monaco drawing toys, where parents would take turns hosting so other parents could hideaway, do laundry, or work out in peace. -Psst- We called this the “Golden One Hour.”

As our little ‘babysitting club with educative twists’ started to gain traction and more parents within the community wanted to join to gain some of their freedom back, Buchadian Studio evolved into an on-demand asset after just two months. More and more parents were signing their kids up for interactive learning such as drawing, scratchpad designing, and playing with clay at the guidance of the parental hosts. And much to their surprise, their children continued to bask in art and independent play without computer intervention even after the Golden One Hour was over.

Fast forward to today, Buchadian Studio has expanded to a full-ranged educational/creative play resource that features advanced services such as crafting/drawing classes, a slowdown clinic, piano 101 along with music note reading, etc. In addition, we have also implemented a parenting workshop hosted by a nominated positive discipline trainer to help parents become the best versions of themselves that they can be. The best part? We are just getting started with big goals to open an in-person facility at the Peninsula in the near future to live up to our mission of unplugging even more.

Overall, there is no denying that the world may be filled with twists, turns, and unpredictability right now, but that does not mean you or your children have to suffer from it. Everyone has the ability to break free from the screen and cultivate the enriching, fulfilled, and empowering lives they deserve. This is the very notion that Buchadian Studio was built on and the reason why we are so passionate about bringing more value to the community, environment, and introducing high-quality drawing toys nationwide that our future leaders can benefit from. In the end, all are welcome here at Buchadian Studio, and always remember that it takes a village to raise a child – and your best bet that our team would be honored to become a part of yours.


Emma, Founder of Buchadian Group

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