Budgeting For Your Road Trip

Whether you want to drive to your vacation destination or going on a road trip itself is your vacation, budgeting is important. You can make this experience a lot more enjoyable by assessing your expenses and establishing a budget ahead


5 Ways to create money for Summer Outings

Summertime brings so many opportunities to create cherished memories with your family. But many of these opportunities, like a day at the theme park, come with a hefty price tag. Don’t you wish you could create some quick money? Luckily,


A Parent’s Guide to Lengthening Your Child’s Attention Span

It’s natural for children to feel restless, and the pace of modern life can make it even more difficult for them to concentrate. Video games and the internet provide constant stimulation and immediate gratification. Kids may struggle when it comes

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About Us

We help 3-10 years old children Learn from FUN activities. If you strive for freedom, fun, and creativity for your children, we are always here for you. We lead the field in creativity, independence, and concentration, and our accomplishments include:

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About Me

As a mother working from home, I am bothered about how other mothers are faring, especially the ones working from home due to the pandemic. Being stuck between completing an assignment from the boss and trying to maintain orderliness among

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Our Team Will Be Part of Your Life

If there is one thing for sure, the COVID-19 pandemic certainly left a cloud of broken social norms that we are just finally starting to learn how to re-navigate through. Between the losses of life, jobs, and educational structure for

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