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About Us

We help 3-10-year-old children learn and develop through FUN creative expression. We use artistic activity and supportive skill development to help children build their concentration and confidence.  If you strive to optimize screen-free time and creative play for your children, we are here for you!

Our Mission:

Our mission is to help children navigate through the world with confidence and joy, communicate with each other in constructive and respectful ways, and allow for individual expression through arts, crafts, and music.

Founder background:

MBA, 20 years working with children and mother of two.
The founder working on her own Education Master’s degree.

Program Achievement:

Began hosting online classes in 2020

Began hosting a parenting workshop in 2020

Built and opened creative spaces for children, to serve the community 

Provide high-quality tools and drawing toys 

Utilize English, Mandarin, and Cantonese for teaching

Improve children’s peer communication and play through screen-free space

Our “WHY”:

Entering the Pandemic, my children became reliant on screen-time and television to occupy themselves while in lock-down. All the while, all of their formerly in-person activities and schooling transitioned online. I noticed diminishing motivation and a regression of communication skills caused by this switch to virtual learning and playtime. They were missing connection with themselves, with friends, and the real world. Buchadian, which means “unplugged from electronics” in Chinese, is a space we have created in response to these realities . We address what is missing from the virtual world, including observation, communication, thinking outside of the box, patience and concentration, and integrate them into intentional activities. These include crafting, drawing, music movement, yoga, understanding of the environment, critical thinking and having fun in the present moment.

We are a place to provide safe, supportive, inspiring ideas to children and understand children’s needs in the new era.

If you are looking for a place that can let children learn from fun in-person activities, we’re the ones the experts turn to for creativity, self-confidence, and connection.

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