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As a mother working from home, I am bothered about how other mothers are faring, especially the ones working from home due to the pandemic. Being stuck between completing an assignment from the boss and trying to maintain orderliness among the kids in the house can be quite an impossible task. I know that they are not able to fit into the “perfect schedule” that involves spending 100 % time with Kids, even though they are at home most of the time.

The drive to meet up with project deadlines makes it nearly impossible to create a schedule that allows giving so much attention to the kids. But as mothers, we are always worried when the kids are not doing things right. Kids are stuck at home too, so this increases the chances of screen times. Within this period, children need educative activities that will keep their minds active.

Aside from homework, tasks that can help children keep their mind and brain activity is necessary. Since the pandemic has placed our kids behind in the school curriculum, the only way to help is to get them engaged in helpful activities. I am not saying kids should do more math solving and all those hard academic stuff, but keeping their minds active is crucial. Projects that will help increase their critical thinking, analytical thinking, improve observation skills, and Hand-Eye Coordination is vital.

In a quest to engage my kids in activities that will be helpful to their growth, I looked up the internet searching different websites that can tell me how to put up schedules for kids. But most of the activities I came across require my attention – remember, I am a working mom with an imperfect schedule. I first felt a bit of relief but remembered that I won’t be able to set up those activities for my kids.

I and my kids enjoy playing board games together especially, during the family night, but the Local Market Board Game doesn’t have enough structure for educational training purposes, and the Children need those STEM skills. My kids love doing crafts, but they need someone to guide them on how to imagine scenarios to draw due to the age limit. I was not able to make out time for my kids’ craft, which can help their growth, and I could not find some craft materials able to let my children handle table time for themselves. This again got me even more worried.

All I could do was to encourage my kids to play outside a lot. I also encouraged them to handle quiet time at the table for self-reflection when doing projects such as reading. But I put these activities repeatedly every day, my kids start to feel bored and look for TV Games. I know I need to give them more, but I can’t, and it’s tiring.

I found out that my kids were overstimulating due to having too much screen time, and this got me worried the more. I spoke to a friend who came from England and has an educational business in China. I explained to him these concerns and how worried I felt for my kids. Afterward, he introduced me to some educational projects to me for testing my kids. I found them they love the new project set, from single play become sibling playtime also extend to Family Fun board game time.

Now I am partnering with him to bring this product into North America. It will help parents that are struggling with how to pick Toys/games for their kids. I feel like we need value during this stay-at-home time but need to use it wisely. Not just enroll in different kinds of camps, but still need them to be alone, to learn self-study. For younger kids, it’s better to give them structured toys and do more exercise.

If you have some concepts like me, you are in the right place. Feel Free to shoot me a message and share your thoughts.

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Hang in there, working parents.


Moon Mommy.

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